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Enhance security measures machine

There are material hoist gantry, Tic-Tac-frame, and some called (freight) elevator construction, machinery and equipment is a major construction site vertical transportation of materials.
1, material hoist used to carry materials, non-manned up and down; loading and unloading personnel, maintenance personnel must be reliable or take a reliable means of security measures only after the hanging cage into the job.
2, material hoist inlet must be installed security doors, according to high operating standards protective shed erection, and set up a secure channel to prevent the body from Pengwai into the frame.
3, material hoist at run-time, non-maintenance of equipment, maintenance, and no person shall jungle gym body from the body through the frame.
4, requires carrying materials
(1) When transporting bulk material, you should use the loading hopper and placed smooth; using a hand trolley means upon hoists must be installed to push the trolleys and brake smoothly place, pay attention to cars and vehicles can not handle extended hanging cage;
(2) transport long material, the material shall not exceed the cage; stand up when the material should be tied firmly;
(3) material loading, should be evenly distributed, can not be biased, non-overloading operation.
5, the frame body material hoist shall have attached to the wall or wind cable rope, and should be solid and reliable, meet the specification requirements and specifications.
6, the outer frame body material hoist applications small mesh safety net closed to prevent material falling at runtime.
7, prohibited material hoisting frame body welding, cutting, drilling or other operations, to prevent any damage to the frame body member.
8, the discharge port should be solid and reliable platform and protective railings should be installed and security doors. Runtime security doors should be kept closed.
9, the cage should have safety gates to prevent the material falling; and safety and security door should stop interlock device. Safety stop device should be sensitive and reliable.
10, floor security door should have electrical or mechanical locking device, when the safety door is not securely closed, limiting cage operation.
11, workers wait cage, should be in the building material was safe distance or waiting at the door 1m or more in the internet. The head is prohibited hands out safety railings or gates.
12, material inlet and outlet should be installed clear signal contact, it should be visible overhead hoist system.
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