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Hoist speed uneven several ways

Hoist speed uneven several ways
An uneven, hoist speed - stand jam: the reason is feeding before the start, winnowing pan belt tension and sliding, insufficient or feed flow rate is in excess of transmission capacity (including back too much), and has a large materials into the base. Elimination method is stop immediately shut the door, open the base board, after put the plugging material, in accordance with the operating procedure is restarted. And adjust the tensioning device, strengthen before material cleaning (note: elevator th200 more common).
Second, uneven hoist speed -- lower throughput: the reason is belt or elevator belt skid, motor speed is insufficient, uneven feed, back material seriously and winnowing pan form selection is not reasonable. Elimination method is to adjust tensioning device, check the motor, troubleshooting, uniform feeding, timely find out reason, nesting and the selection of reasonable winnowing pan forms.
Three material uneven, hoist speed - back too much, the reason is that ascension with linear speed is too fast or too slow, the nose form size not appropriate, discharging mouth shut. Elimination method is to adjust the speed of the spindle, modify or adjust the drip plate to winnowing pan head dimension clearance, dredge discharge outlet.
Four, hoist speed non-uniform casing wear serious, power consumption is too large, the reason is bearing installation deflection, bearing formation, poor lubrication, bearing damage or elevator belt too loose or too tight, back to too much, stand jam. Elimination method is to adjust and clean or replace lubricating oil, replace the bearings and adjust properly. Find out the reason, promptly eliminate, eliminate blockages.
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